4300 Millennium Wood Stove
Quadra-Fire - Wood Stoves
Load. Light. Live. The 4300 Millennium is two inches deeper than our 3100 firebox, but it uses the same Quadra-Fire four-point combustion design and easy-to-use controls.



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After lighting your fire, close the door and engage the start-up air control. After the fire is lit, the stove will turn down to your desired burn rate.

All Quadra-Fire Millennium stoves come standard with a pedestal and one-piece top giving the stove a simple, clean-line design. Thick plate steel, heavy duty hinges, and a fully welded, brick-lined firebox will give you years of dependable everyday use. 


  • Precision air controls with labels for easy operation
  • Automatic Combustion Control for easy lighting
  • Patented four-point Quadra-Fire combustion system
  • Durable welded steel construction
  • Firebrick lined firebox
  • High temperature classic black finish with gold accents
  • Convective heat shields
  • Easy & Safe Front-to-Back Log Loading
  • Mobile Home Approved
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Door upgrade kit in satin nickel (includes spring handles and hinge pins)
  • Convection blower with adjustable speed and temperature switch
  • Outside air kit


  • 11,800 to 38,300 Btu/hr with EPA test fuel
  • Up to 57,370 Btu/hr using cord wood
  • Heating Capacity: up to 2,400 sq. ft. †
  • Maximum Log Length: 20”, 18" Ideal
  • Firebox Capacity: 2.4 cubic feet
  • EPA Certified: 1.1 grams/hour

† Heating capacity and efficiency may differ due to climate, building construction and condition, amount and quality of insulation, location of the fireplace, type of fuel used and air movement in the home. Btu output will vary, depending on the type of fuel used. Units require standard maintenance in accordance with the owner's manual.


Our Partners


Founded in 1979, this company had a mission to produce the finest fireplace products available anywhere. Over the years this company has grown from one employee to over 500 dedicated employees that have been honored with awards for developing the finest fireplace products in North America.




In 1979, Dane Harman, designed and built a stove to heat his home. It heated so well that his neighbors asked him to build one for them too. Dane agreed, and was soon so overcome with an abundance of orders, that within a short time, he outgrew the garage and decided to build what is now known as the Harman Stove Company.





Quadra-Fire is one of the brands in the Hearth & Home Technologies family of brands. Hearth & Home Technologies is the leading producer, and with its extensive professional dealer network, the leading installer of hearth products.